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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh So Purple

Love this purple shirt I made for my daughter Nellie it's oh so purple lol:)

Here she go right here

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Back There is a tie sting in the back. :)

Close up on the first stitch I used.

An Alternate Spike SC stitch
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Loved this stitch first time using it love that it closes up the stitches very well hiding the wholes from the stitches.

Close up on the second stitch I used.
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An Slant Stitch
I also liked this one never done a slant stitch or work from one part of the stitching then find myself going back to a stitch that was slip to make the slant. Like this stitch. I used it for the bottom of the shirt.

Yarn: CSS Color: Iris
Hook: H
Stitches: double, single, chain - Stitch Pattern: Alternate Spike SC, Slant Stitch

Thanks for looking


Christina said...

Love the shirt...the stitches you used are awesome!

Lesalicious said...

Thanks Christina:)

Laura said...

That's so cute! You're a really talented crocheter!

Lesalicious said...

Thanks Laura I try my best lol:) thanks

CC said...
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CC said...

Oh, that is sooooo cute! Is it your original design? If not, could you share the source of the pattern? I have two girls who would look great in that shirt.

Lesalicious said...

CC its my own design I just go with the flow as I crochet. I keep saying I want to write patterns but, I want to write patterns for non-wearables then go to wearables I just find it hard to write wearable patterns.:) Thanks