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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wool Scarf

Hi chickies!

The last few weeks have been crazy warm and its been difficult to get into making winter items. Finally, on Wednesday the temperature dropped a little and I can finally get into cold weather spirit.

Here is a scarf I made with Patons Classic Merino Wool yarn. Love this stuff! I didn't use a pattern...just chained 163 and double crocheted for 10 rows, changing colors on the 3rd and 5th row.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Been travelin'

Hi Chicks,

I have 2 projects on the go right now. Working on a felted purse, can't wait to get to the felting part cause I haven't tried that before. Also working on a doily, one of Annie's Attic freebies, for my mother-in-law for a Christmas gift. Hopefully can work on the purse this weekend and then get busy with the doily.

Glad to see you are all working away.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hi chickies!

Hi Ladies! My name is Christina and I'm the newest member of Crochet Chicks! Lesa invited me over and I'm very happy to join!

I'm from NYC, 26 (soon to be 27), married, have a 7 year old daughter (lovingly referred to as Little Monster on my blog) and work full time.

I've been crocheting since I was 14 and love how crochet just relaxes me. I also have a blog that I update pretty often. Come visit me at Crafty Christina.

Here's my latest project, a cupcake pincushion. Thanks for letting me join this fun group!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Howdy, Chicks!

I just joined today and Lesa was nice enough to let me on. Thanks, Lesa!

I knit, crochet, bead/make jewelry, cross stitch, latch hook, embroider and whatever craft tickles my fancy at the moment.

My blog is CC's Spot . You can see my a pic of my latest cro creations. The items were from two Hogwarts Swaps of objects related to Harry Potter. More images and an explanation are on my blog.

I update my blog more often, but I will strive to add to this one as well.

Happy Hooking!

For My Oldest Daughter

My Latest Project for my oldest daughter.

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I brought this plain white shirt of my daughter. I really don't like these shirts because it's so plain but, I still buy them to jazz the shirts up a bit. Like dye it or give it a little glamour and spice to it but, this time I wanted to crochet a bolero for it. :) So here is the before and now the after.

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See there you have it a little crochet jazz style to the shirt. My daughter loves it:) Sorry no picture with her she's gone for the weekend.:)

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Close up.

There you have it. :)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Birthday presents

For my sister and brother in law:
Cosmos the Jackalope, and Nebula the Kittyhawk.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Amy's Quickly (for me) crocheted hat

I heard that hats can be crocheted in one night. So I decided I should have a crochet a hat evening. On Tuesday, I tested this out on my knitting/crochet night to make sure it was possible. I got 12 rows out of 19 done in one night along with trying to teach a friend how to crochet and read a pattern (she didn't get very far). The other 7 I finished last night, in total I think it took 3 hours and 45 minutes to crochet the hat. It's kind of a goofy hat, so if you want it, happy birthday to you. I didn't have time to go out and buy yarn, so I just used some yarn from my crazy yarn basket. The pattern called for an H hook. Of course I changed the pattern as I worked it (I'm a control freak I guess). Here is my updated pattern.

Starting with the center top of hat, chain 5. Join the chain with a slip st so that you have a ring. Chain 2 and count this as first st on first row.

ROW 1 Work 9 hdc in the ring (or you can use a single or double crochet st depending on the yarn and what effect you want to achieve). Join last st to first with a slip st and chain 2 which makes the first st of row 2.(chain 2 will be 1st st on each row).

ROW 2 Work one st in same st as joining st, then 2 st in each st around.Join to top of chain 2. (End all rows by joining to the top of chain 2)

ROW3 Chain 2, one st in first st, two sts in the next st (increase by one st every other st. Do this all the way around). Join as in row 1.

Row 4 Chain 2, crochet around making 2 sts in every 3rd st (increase made), one st in the st in between.

Row 5 Chain 2, increase ( 2 sts) in every 4th st around.

Row 6-8 Chain 2, increase ( 2 sts) in every 5th st around.

Row 9 Decrease every 3rd st by skipping each 3rd st. Crochet in all others around.

Row 10-11 Hdc in every st around.Row 12 Hdc around, Increase in every 5th st around.

(2 hours 20 minutes)

ROW 13 14 Hdc in every st around.

ROW 15 Repeat row 9.

Row 16 Hdc in every st around.

Row 17 Hdc around. Decrease every 5th st by skipping each 5th st around.After joining with slip st, do not make a chain 2 stitch.

Row 18 Hdc around. Decrease every 5th st.

ROW 19 Shell Border: Make 5 hdc in next st Skip a st, slip st in next st.*Skip a st, make 5 hdc in next st, skip a st, slip st in next st.(Repeat from asterik around.) Join; cut yarn; tie off; weave tail into hat so it doesn't show.

Hey Crochet Chicks

Hey everyone wanted to do a post since there haven't been a post in awhile. Just checking in and hoping everyone is doing ok. So what WIP plans everyone have for October.:)

I have a couple that I am working on now. Then want to try to get started on a couple of Christmas gifts. :)

So hope everyone is having a great October so far.:)