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Monday, June 23, 2014


So I haven't posted in AGES!!!!  Feeling the need to pick up my needles again for some much needed crochet therapy!

So you'll be hearing from me again soon! 

I the meantime, my gorgeous little girl has grown up, turned into a beautiful young woman, graduated from high school and working a full time job!

Here is my gorgeous girl!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I've been up too.....

Some items I crocheted for Christmas this year... What's everyone else been up too?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Beige New World

CPSIA, has a proposed amendment to allow natural cotton/wool etc as long as it's undyed and unbleached in Childrens items.
Oh yay! all the color is gone from Childhood...

The photo above shows my latest experiment in organic cotton, undyed, unbleached and stuffed with undyed, unbleached wool. Oh YAY!
(I think he's kinda scary so I named him "Yokai")

Thanks to CPSIA, Beige is the New Black.

Find out more about this law, and then write your Representatives, Mr.Waxman & Ms. Nord of the CPSC.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


If you make, donate, sell or BUY any product for children under 12
or anything that would appeal to a child under 12 this new law
will hurt you.

As it is, It's sorta knocked the creativity out of me.
I don't think I've made more than one plushie SINCE Christmas.

We managed to hit 6th place on to fight this CPSIA,
(even though 90% of my end users are adults and teens, I can't see
my plushies not having to comply for the under 12 market.)
but we have to keep fighting.

Write, and call your Congress Persons....
and, vote this item UP on

it will take 1000 people to get this caught up to the currently Popular issues there. So vote and pass the link along.

Friday, December 26, 2008

help save handmade & vintage for "kids"

Please read the article, vote as appropriate and please pass along,
this is not just about toys but ALL items for and that might possibly appeal to
children under 12.

This is particularly harmful to small companies, and artists making clothing, toys and
other items for children, or might appeal to children. It's particularly harmful to the
small companies that make educational, scientific equipment for schools, as well as
the small companies that make specialized equipment and toys for disabled children.

It includes vintage and antique childrens' items collected by adults, it includes used things in resale shops, yarn sales, church bazaars... it includes items already on store shelves and in warehouses...

Dec 31 deadline for level 1 voting, please help.

and vote again in the first 2 weeks of January for level 2.

Thank you.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I've been busy with school, work (I help out with a local band) and such that I haven't been doing much crocheting lately until today. Anyway here is a post of something I'm making for my sister.

Monday, September 22, 2008

One of my kitties is sick!

I haven't been posting much anywhere except my blog ( ) lately as I'm being a nurse for my 5 yr old cat (the one from my avatar).

A couple weeks ago she yakked up a hairball from heck, and generally wasn't feeling well or eating well. She is gradually doing better, but I'm waiting on some tests from the vet, after running up quite a vet bill on OTHER tests. (see my blog for more information, and updates.)

Why, you may ask, spend so much on medical care for "just a cat"?

Megumi is a bit more than "just a cat" she's my support animal too, and even saved my life when she was a bit more than a year old. Currently, she mostly tells me to "sit down NOW" when I really need to sit down now... but back then I took a new medication for the first time, and ended up passed out with my BP rising to very scary levels. Megumi revived me by washing my face and meowing desperately, when I came to, I realized just how sick I was, and was able to call for help... I ended up in the ER, where they took care of me right away. If Megumi hadn't been able to rouse me, the next chance for me to be rescued would have been 2 HOURS later when my then teenaged daughter got home from school.

She's the best darn cat in the Universe.