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Friday, December 26, 2008

help save handmade & vintage for "kids"

Please read the article, vote as appropriate and please pass along,
this is not just about toys but ALL items for and that might possibly appeal to
children under 12.

This is particularly harmful to small companies, and artists making clothing, toys and
other items for children, or might appeal to children. It's particularly harmful to the
small companies that make educational, scientific equipment for schools, as well as
the small companies that make specialized equipment and toys for disabled children.

It includes vintage and antique childrens' items collected by adults, it includes used things in resale shops, yarn sales, church bazaars... it includes items already on store shelves and in warehouses...

Dec 31 deadline for level 1 voting, please help.

and vote again in the first 2 weeks of January for level 2.

Thank you.