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Friday, December 28, 2007


In a fit of energy, Lesa convinced me posted about wanting new posters for her awesome blog. I read through the blog and thought, "Why not?" I wanted to be a bit more active on my own blog, which is ridiculously unloved. I thought by posting here semi-regularly, I would post there semi-regularly. So, that is my crime of passion. Well, that and crocheting. I think the crocheting part is obvious, though.

My name is Renee. I live in Dayton, OH, which is a smallish metropolitan area north of Cincinnati. I am a graduate student taking a bit of a hiatus while I sort out some health issues. I study women's issues in nonwestern countries, particularly women's involvement with cults. Although, I'm sure none of you are actually interested in that particular aspect of me.

My crocheting is probably a bit more interesting. I have been crocheting for a little over a year. My mother taught me after years of trying to learn how to knit. Knitting does not work, crocheting obviously did. I took to it immediately and have since become a bit ... enthusiastic.

I crochet primarily "fannish" things. By this, I mean Harry Potter related items and other "fannish things." I also do commissions and gifties. I think the only real thing I ever crochet for myself are blankets (and scrapghans at that).

Here you see my friend Beth modeling her "Lord Voldemort" Weasley sweater. This is an early model in which I was still working out collar issues. They are since worked out. :D

Beth cosplays Voldemort and so, she was a perfect person to try out the style on. Of course, it's funny as well. The sweater is done in sc with front, back and sleeves all separate. I sew it together using a sc instead of anything else to give it a bit of stiffness in the seams and help with the inside out thing for some folks whose letter is the same for both sides.

On your right, is the portion of a cardigan I'm making for my roommate's holiday gift. She wanted something unique and interesting. What I'm doing is a cluster stitch. After a foundation row of sc, ch 2, pull a loop through the first sc, yo, pull a loop through the second, yo. Pull last yo through all four loops on hook. Ch1. That gives you the cluster pattern I am using. The fashioning of the sweater is going to be rather unique and hopefully my pattern will make sense to anyone else who reads it. I'm making the sweater in the style of a robe. The piece to the right is the bottom all the way to just below the bust (right now). It will be solid all the way to the sleeve line. I'll leave space to insert the sleeve directly into the solid pattern. I will mold the front section directly off of the solid portion (man I wish I was better at this) and attach it to the neckline. THEN - I plan to crochet a wide lapel collar that will continue down to hold the button and button holes. The sleeves and body of the sweater are in the cluster pattern. The lapel will probably be in sc to allow for a tighter weave and contrast.

SO - that's the brilliant introduction of Renee to the Crochet Chicks.

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Laura said...

Hi Renee,

You're not too far from me - I live in the Cleveland area! Welcome!`

Lesalicious said...

Hey Renee love the sweater cute. I know your roommate will surely love that cardigan. Welcome glad you can post.:)

Christina said...

Hi Renne, Welcome!!!

Renee said...

Laura, I was actually raised in Cleveland. I'm a transplant to the Dayton area.

Lesa, Thanks! I actually finished it this morning. I'll post pictures on Friday when she wears it.

Christina, Thanks for the welcome!!

Aurora said...

I love Harry potter, especially Jason Issacs and Alan hot!! ;D

Renee said...

I'm more of a books fan myself, but the movies are great!!!