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Sunday, July 1, 2007


Hello Ladies,

I'm Megan. A 21 year old wife and mother. My 2 year old is a self proclaimed yarn helper. She tries her best to mess up mom's yarn balls as fast as she can! My husband tries hard to understand my addiction, and for some reason has let me open my own retail store. I get to sell yarns and crochet ALL DAY LONG! An even bigger bonus is that I get to buy all my yarn at cheaper prices! I'm trying to get my website up and off the ground, and hopefully pull in some sales there. I've started offering a few deals to some of the groups that I frequent online. Feel free to email me to find out more. I think all hookers should be able to get their yarns and supplies at good and sensible prices. Not the over inflated prices that the big companies try to charge.

You can see some if my finished projects on my website. I won't take up the room on here. I'm almost finished with a granny square baby blanket that I will be sure to post here right away!

Happy Hooks, Megan


Lesalicious said...

Welcome Megan glad we can have you here will surely check out your yarn store. What a wonderful Hubby you have to be able to open up a yarn store awww how sweet. Can't wait to see that granny square baby blanket. :)