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Friday, July 6, 2007

hello ladies... just thought i'd come share some of my WIPs with you. i haven't finished anything in a while it seems... this is crossposted to my blog, where i have a few of my FOs posted if you want to see. ^_^

pattern: long open shawl
so, how's it going?: i already like this better than that monstrous sweater i had made from this yarn before. which is a good thing, since it was $40 of yarn that i wasn't going to use in sweater form. i found out what sort of yarn it is, feza baby in brown. it's 100% acrylic and it is the softest acrylic yarn i've ever worked with. it's really lightweight and drapes nicely. it splits a lot though, which is annoying. i love the stitch pattern for this shawl... if i'm not sick of doing it by the time i finish maybe i'll make another. haven't decided whether or not to include the fringe yet... what do you think?

pattern: my own, making it up as i go
so, how's it going?: so this is my first real attempt at patternless amigurumi... or any amigurumi, really. eventually, i'd like it to look something like this:
blooper from the mario games. what a cute little cephalopod. ^_^ anyway, i'm not sure how it's going so far... making the tentacles is boring so i've made only 4, and i'm not totally happy with how the top part is turning out so far. it's not supposed to be round, it's more of an oval shape, so it's giving me some difficulty. and it's so boring to do only single crochets all the time... i think amigurumi might not be my thing.


Lesalicious said...

Looks like you coming along great Yelley. Can't wait until they are complete done they both going to look great. Great job.

yelley said...

thanks lesa ^_^