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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Skull purse for my weeeeeeee daughter

I love all of your stuff gals :) Wish I could be as good as you all.

Your can see my stuff on my blog..just clic on my name below»»»»»
Here is my latest creation, nothing to complicated, no pattern to follow..I'm still practicing, learning new stitch and stuff. The embroidery design comes from this site : when you register you can access all kinds of free embroidery designs and is a forum so you can share your projects and experiences. You do need a machine for the embroidery designs, mine is a Brother PE-150. (Still learning that too....I'm very new to the handmade things..sewing crochet, knit, crafts, etc.)

I made a purse for myself not so long ago (you can see it on my blog) and had to make one for my daughter. I know the front pocket is not centered, but she doesn't care. I love anything with skulls (not scary ones only cute ones) or ladybugs.

Also, I saw this "Spider Round Ripple" on Crochetville and would like to do it for my boys and nephew for Christmas...they all love Spiderman...
Do any of you lovely ladies know how long this project is?---How long If I don't neglect my kids and my house that is!! --- And can a newbie crocheter can manage this project?
Here is the link to see the "Spider Round Ripple" :
And just a quick question, do any of you know how to hyperlink a word?....I hate that you see all of the link, some can be very long and they mess up our blogs!


Lis said...

The HTML you're looking for is:

[a href=""]type word here[/a]

Replace [] with <>.