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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Here is my god sons' B-day outfit

Here is the outfit I made for my godson to wear on our b-day. Yep OUR b-day he will be 3 and I'll be a year older then I am now lol. The tube top pattern is from Christina also known as Shaelynnsmom on Crochetville. The top is a tube top with straps but I did two rows of dc's in between them. Even though I only did the dc part it is still Christinas' pattern so I have to give her credit. The shorts I got from a lady named Michelle and on Crochetville her name is grammy2twins. The pattern is called Pretty Little Girl's Shorts but I didn't add the ruffles on the legs or waist since these are for a boy. The yarn is by TLC Essentials called Surf n' Turf. It is so soft and it has a shine to it. I will post action shots after our b-day.


Lesalicious said...

Really neat and nice color mainly for a boy. Happy Birthday to you both. :) Have fun.