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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hi Everyone! Amigurumi Madness!

Hi everyone! I'm Trin, and I make amigurumi! Most of which I sell on Etsy

What I don't put up for sale ends up as gifts for friends and family.
I also knit and make hats and scarves and ponchos etc.

My kitties, Megumi & Seimei help me with everything (running away with the skein I'm working with, or curled on my lap while I work.) ... and my daughter (age 20) is one of my biggest fans.


Lesalicious said...

Hey there my Milwaukee friend. Just love your work and I will be hitting you up on your Etsy for my girls because they both can't stop fighting over that doll/amigurumi you sent Nesa lol. :)Glad you jumping on in on the blog :)

trinlayk said...

Oh wow, I didn't think the little one would be interested in an "art doll" yet. That's how long it's been since I've been around a toddler!

Lesalicious said...

LOL yeah Trin kids are kids they just don't care what it is they still want what they see lol. :)