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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

my first post here

this is my first time posting on here since i joined so i figured i would post something good. i just finished this up today. its for Christmas of course and i was thinking it would be alot bigger then it is. its only 7 inches from the bottom point to the top point. and it should be a doily but i think its to small to be one. but that's OK cause its not for me wither. oh and it was also my first time doing the symbols. ya know what i mean. like they have in the magic crochet magazines. i wonder if that what its actually called?? oh well i am very proud of it. and i think who ever gets it (or the other one awaiting the flower) will be happy to get it.


Lesalicious said...

That is so cute Denise I love it. It looks so nice. Whoever do get it will be a happy camper. Great job:)

Melanie said...

Very beautiful work! I like the heart and the little girls shirt! Takes a lot of patience and talent to do what you are doing! I made a blanket that took me like a year to do way back in the day!

Great job!