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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am taking a break from my halloween crocdhet because I decided to start putting my granny squares together from all the swaps I have been in, I didn't realize I had so many piling up. This is some of them. I am putting the squares together by pattern..............all the patterned ones together, and then all the granny squares together. I am not sure how they will come out, but my hands are so cramped from putting them together. I sorted them all yesterday by patter and traditional squares, then by color, then by size. Then laid them all out and decided how I would put them together. I had to use some colors that I didn't really want to, but I wanted to get them all used up...............then I will be set, no more squares piled up all over, and I can start collecting new ones, but this time, I think I will ask for specific colors hopefully, and that way when it comes time to put them together, I won't have to use squares that really don't match. Anyway I am using all the squares I had from exchanges, I all in all I think I had over 100 squares. The red, white and blue squares will be made another time, as I only have a few of those.
I crochet mine together using a front ridge, I like how the ridge comes out............I am using white yarn, as I could not really find a color that would look best with all of the colors from the squares.


Lesalicious said...

Best of luck putting them all together. I still have to get back to my daughter's charity blanket from alot of the women on the Ville sent her squares to do her a blanket. Still receiving some from lots of other people from a yahoo group so I will get back to putting that together. I know how you feel about so many and don't know where to start from. I have some squares that I think wont go in my daughter's blanket that don't match so I was going to use the no match to make a pillow for my daughter. You can do that make a throw pillow with the no match ones. Good luck hope it turns out lovely.:)