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Monday, September 10, 2007

For My Girls/ For Crochet-A-Long #1

Ok here go some house shoes I whipped up for my girls. I was practicing to see how it turns out while doing the first shoe. My girls was ohhhh and awwwwing so I decided to go ahead and finished them up and here they go.

To the left is my oldest daughter Nesa's house shoes to the right is Nellie's house shoes that's my youngest and last child:)

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Here go Nellie with her pointed toe house shoes. Reminds me of elfs shoes lol.

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Here go Nesa's.

Again no pattern one day I will have to sit and write a pattern as I crochet it's just that I am so used to making up as I go. :) So what do you all think??????


Aurora said...

I love the slippers and the colors too.

Carole said...

Love them. Are they slippery?

Lesalicious said...

Thanks girls. No Carole they not slippery at all. They take hold to the floor great. Thanks. :)

schwa said...

those are adorable

Anita said...

My friend specifically requested slippers for Christmas. I've never made them, but there are so many patterns out there and so many examples that were made w/out patterns! NICE job!