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Friday, September 7, 2007

I just checked and my heart is still beating!!! :) But I haven't been doing a lot of crochet these days. I'm stuck on the spidey afghan! I don't understand how I'm suppose to make the webbing?! When I read the pattern it says that I'm suppose to crochet backward! I really don't know how to do that. I will try something else, don't know yet, if any of you "chicks" know a simple way to make the webbing please let me know.

On another subject, I did a bit of sewing, if for a swap on craftster, you can see it on my blog just click on my name above :) It's a simple and fun mini tote. I just love making it, and may start making more to sell on the web. I made one for my sister with an old Charlie Brown bed sheet and an old curtain...I don't like to waste material. I'm one of those people who "REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE". Imagine we (the world) use to throw old curtains, bed sheets, etc. in the garbage!!! Now I think twice before throwing anything away. If I don't reuse it I give it to good will! I have a few t-shirt my teenage step-daughter gave me to recon for my wee daughter, I'm just waiting for inspiration or a simple easy way to recon them..any suggestions??

OK, that's it for me (for now :O)). How are the rest of you "chicks" doing?


Denise said...

i made a spiderman afghan and i did a sc for the webing.