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Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Daughter's Boat Neck Shirt :)

Well finally finished up my little daughter Nellie's boat-neck shirt. She so loves it. She said, mom I want another one like this. She ran to my boxes of yarn picking out the colors she wanted for her next boat-neck shirt. LOL dont know about making another one I told her I need to get to make you some sweaters.
Sorry now pattern my own trial and error

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A work in progress this morning one sleeve done.

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Here she goes, a close up. Her and her peppermint boat-neck shirt with long bell sleeves. I want to close up towards the neck a little bit more ran out of yarn so will have to add on later.
Aint she cute.

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Thanks for looking:)


Christina said...

I love it! She looks so happy to be wearing it to!

Lesalicious said...

Thanks Christina:) she so loves it.:)

Tathy Tricot said...

Lindo seu blog!!! adorei!!beijocas, Tathy

Heather said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This child is just too precious in her top. She reminds me so much of my # umm, which one was it, oh yeah, number 3 daughter.

Keep 'em coming "L"!

I know I need to get my hooks smokin'. Hey, commencement is in less than 11 days and then it's onnnn!!!!