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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Godson's Blanket

Okay here is the blanket I made my godson for his b-day which is the same day as mine. It is made with scrap greeens. It is 61 inches from point to point and I used a J hook.
Here he is sitting next to his blanket to kind of show the size.
This one he is making a silly face at his mom. As you can see he is sitting on one of the points that just how big it is.
Here he is laying on it to show size again.
And finally he wanted to be a green ghost lol. Oh and he turned 4 on our birthday this year.


Lesalicious said...

Nice he look happy to have it great job.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Okay, that's beautiful!!!

Kathy Martin Studio said...

Haha, how cute he is!

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. =)


Chris Stone said...

what a beautiful blanket! and your godson is a cutie too!

Infinite Cosmos said...

that's so gorgeous! and what a cute godson!! I like him as a green ghost!

Callani said...

That's so gorgeous! I love the greens you've used - I always wonder how people end up with colours like that in their "scraps"!!!
Also your godson is beautiful too. :D

CLAUDINHA, said...

amei este blog! beijos!