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Sunday, May 4, 2008

My freeform baby blanket

I am 34 weeks pregnant, so I'm very happy to be finished this blanket for my baby Penelope. All of the pieces are free form (scrumbled) pieces that I crocheted together. My original goal was to make it a flat square blanket. There is no way that I could figure out to piece the pieces together in an actual square, so the resulting shape is a more organic form. There are puffy spots and flat spots, there are many different textures all through out the blanket. Penelope should have fun just feeling the blanket. In the end, I did a round of black HDC and a few DC to create a nice border around all of the pieces. Then I made a pink shell edge (5 HDC in a ch then 2 SC in the following 2 chains) to give it a pretty girly ruffle. Pink and black are just so awesome together. Doing this blanket has inspired me to try something new. If I have the energy, I will be making some clothes :)


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