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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Welcome To Crochet Chicks

Welcome everyone this group just getting started make this blog your own. Remember Crochet Chick is for crochets to show off there work and also get get help and ask questions. Try to update whenever you can we all have hecked lifes so trying to blog all the time maybe diffcult. :) Have fun with it. If you know others that would like to get involved in the group please let me know email me if you like to be added to the list.

I want us to keep it exciting as possible if you have any ideas to like a challenge or a crochetalong challenge please do shout out. Thanks for joining Lis and Mary. :) jump right in.

The shout out box is for us to shout out at each other its like a journal on a scroll thought that would be cool for like little updates on ourselves and also for people that want to leave comments to do so.

For every author that post a new topic please put your name at the end of your posts so everyone know who was the author of that post. Thanks.